Chronic Youth strongly believes that what you put into your body reflects the way you feel and look as a whole. Our health has a dramatic impact on the way we feel emotionally, physically and mentally. When our bodies are not getting the proper amount of nutrients needed, it takes a major toll on many parts of the body, both inside and out.

Each ingredient in our blend is clinically proven to provide a beneficial impact for both men and women on hair, skin, nails, joints, bones, gut health and most importantly our overall health.

It is our mission to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of life. We want people to have a positive experience with healthy aging and to feel young again. Our brand was developed to enhance people's health and overall well-being through clean, natural, scientifically studied ingredients.
It’s simple, we want everybody feel good and look good!

We want you to know exactly what is inside every mix. Each stick pack contains 10 grams of non-gmo fish collagen protein peptides, 120mg of hyaluronic acid, 1 billion CFU probiotics and 3 grams of antioxidant-packed organic superfoods - matcha or coconut. All natural ingredients with zero preservatives, zero artificial flavors, zero added sugars and 45 calories per mix.
Understand the quality

There are many collagen products on the market today but many of them are not clinically proven which prove their efficacy and safety. We want you to understand the quality of our blend and its proven results. Our marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and probiotics are all clinically proven, backed by human studies.

If each of these ingredients were bought separately, it would add up well over our price. Marine collagen is typically two times more expensive than bovine, chicken and porcine collagen because of its higher absorption rate and effectiveness.

Keep in mind that each ingredient is clinically proven which you don't see a lot with other collagen products. We've done all the hard work and did our best to source premium, patented, and science backed ingredients while keeping the price affordable at just $3 per drink.

Enjoy the process

We want everybody to feel confident in their bare skin and feel good within, but more importantly we want you to enjoy the process. Our participants in clinical studies reported benefits within a time frame of four, eight and twelve weeks.

Significant results appeared at the fourth week but more improved results continued throughout the following weeks. We all know skincare benefits do not happen overnight which is why we designed our mixes by flavoring them with organic matcha and organic coconut.

Not only do these powerful antioxidant superfoods give you additional health benefits but also taste good. Our mixes are designed to taste great with only water for those on-the-go with busy schedules but can also be mixed with any drink, food or recipe of choice. We made this as simple and delicious as possible because we want you to enjoy your self care routine and look forward to drinking it everyday!